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What is the Building and Construction Trades Council and Their Employer Benefits?

The unionized system has transformed the standard procedure of operation in the construction industry in many ways. For instance, it strikes the right balance between employers and their employees. Further, it leads to better working conditions and more consolidation for both.

Building trades council is a body that not only encourages the development of trade unions but also takes care of their growth and reinforcement. It aims to provide tradesmen and women with a safe environment wherein they can work without any distress.

This post will take a closer look at the building and construction council and outline how it benefits employers.

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What is the building and construction council?

As the name suggests, the building and construction council is a body that looks after the formation and welfare of trade unions. It secures the interests of tradesmen and women who are its members.

The construction sector is one of the key economic segments in the United States. Annually, it generates revenue spanning to billions of dollars. Thus, it makes a significant contribution to the nation’s economy.

This apart, it also serves as the backbone of employment in the United States. Other than employing more than 11,000 professionals, it also provides jobs to 2,700 apprentices. 

As is the case with any other council, the building and construction council also involves a group of members. They come together to form decisions based on proper consultation and deliberation.

Its method of functioning resembles that of a legislature, albeit for unions. That is to say, they hold deliberation and consultation for the betterment unions in the construction industry.

For the members of trade unions to operate smoothly, there must be a streamlined method of communication between them and their workers. This leads to an impactful presence of unions at both local and national levels.

Also, it is equally necessary to ensure a strong bonding among distinct unions. Such an arrangement not only brings two or more unions close to one another but also does the same to its workers. By doing so, it creates a win-win situation for both.

The involvement of these unions adds more strength to the voice of those who form it. By doing so, it benefits union members in terms of representation, economics, and safety.

Employer benefits of building and construction trade council

The strong presence of the building and construction trade council benefits both employers and employees alike. It helps the former in the following ways:

  • It enhances the productivity of employers: Employers of the construction industry seek a higher profit margin due to their huge investments. The trades council manages unions with efficiency to remove roadblocks in operations. This way, it stimulates productivity.
  • It provides them with a safe work environment: A safe working environment is as much important for employers as it is for employees. The trades and building council eliminates the challenges to the safety of those who own an enterprise and provide jobs to others.
  • Employers get a better workforce: An efficient workforce leads to better outcomes. The trades council supplies skilled and professional tradespeople to its partner owners and contractors for better business outcomes.
  • The building and construction trade council brings in more flexibility in the operations of construction companies: Flexibility is the new success mantra for all industries in this era. It is all the more important in the case of the construction industry. It is only due to councils like the building and trade council that the owners and contractors of the building and trade union can operate with a higher degree of flexibility.
  • The council boosts the capability of employers to retain their employees: The board equips employers with the skills to keep their employees, and thus prevent the draining of talents to rival companies.
  • It leads to quicker resolution of disputes: Where employers and employees are concerned, there is always a possibility for a difference. The building trades council aids its partner contractors and employers to settle disputes with the staff members swiftly and without any hassle.
  • The building and construction trade council creates better market opportunities: The building trades council seeks to develop better opportunities by keeping its partner contractors and owners on the course of targeted goals. It ensures that the method of operations for both is in line with the existing market dynamics.

Final thoughts

In many ways, the building and trades council provides the construction industry with a stable platform at the grassroots level. As a representative and protector of the rights of both employers and employees, it offers a fair deal to both. It provides for an arrangement wherein employers get an enhanced productivity and employees a safe, secure, and satisfactory working environment. 

By stepping in whenever necessary to resolve disputes between both parties, the building and trades council prevents the breakdown of the construction industry in the US.

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