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Top ways expert witnesses accelerate project work in construction

expert witnesses

Construction projects are complex, and thus they are often struck with delays. Sometimes, the site conditions change, while at others, the demand of the client change. In any of these situations, the contractor needs to accelerate the construction work.

The contractors do not make the technical decisions pertaining to the acceleration of construction work. That is where the role of expert witnesses comes into play. They make assessments of cost escalation and the extent to which an increase in the employed resource is necessary to complete the project in due time.

This article aims to elaborate on the ways to accelerate construction project work.

Five ways to accelerate construction project work

Construction projects, while scheduled in the beginning, may face many changes in the construction period. These changes can be related to the scope of the project or the completion of individual activities in their due time.  How to deal with those and save your project from critical delays? Seek professional consultants.

If you are a project owner and are very particular about your projects according to the original schedule, you may need to seek the help of delay and quantum experts to ensure timely completion without much disruption.

Five ways to avoid critical delays in construction and accelerate the work are as follows:

1. Working overtime

Based on the terms of the contract, the consultants will help your contractor decide the amount of time your laborers need to work beyond their routine duty hours. This will require you to pay them extra wages. Make sure they do not get overworked.

If they get overburdened, they will not be able to work their normal working hours with productivity. Overtimes are still a very effective way to accelerate the work progress because the same laborers will understand the work better than those you hire for extra shifts.

2. Implementing a new shift

If you do not want to burden your laborers with overtime, the other option you have is to introduce another shift. As soon as the day laborers end their work, you can get a new shift of laborers employed.

This will, on the one hand, be a hassle because you will need the new team of laborers, and the project manager will now have to manage the work of double the resources as before. The instructions will be a hassle, but you can safely hope for accelerated work progress.

3. Adding other resources (equipment)

Apart from investing more time and human resources, the acceleration of projects also requires additional equipment. Your construction consultants will help the project manager assess the equipment, which is required additionally. This will require more budget.

It may cause the project manager to prioritize some activities over others. But since you are looking for acceleration, be ready for cost escalation and increase in expenses and identifying the party responsible for the escalation of costs is the prerogative of the expert witness.

4. Re-sequencing work activities

When construction projects begin, the planning phases involve the detailed scheduling of all the activities includes in the project process. These activities include all the steps from ordering equipment, and materials, their procurement, quality assurance while procurement, and then the construction work detailed in a work breakdown structure.

When you have to accelerate the project progress, you may need to prioritize the activities on which some other activities depend and delay those which are entirely independent.

Is your construction project facing delays?

It must be worrisome for you. Construction projects involve big budgets, and if they do not complete on time, the costs often exceed the designated budget. If you want to accelerate your project work after the disruptions and delays, you can do so easily. You need the services of a Quantum expert for quantifying the losses and excess expenditure.

After accurate evaluation, your project manager will be able to make changes in the employed labor and other resources. Accelerate your project with the help of the points listed above!

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