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Top 5 Reasons to Book A String Quartet for Your Wedding

Top 5 Reasons to Book A String Quartet for Your Wedding

When in doubt, go to classical music! A wedding ceremony is a beautiful expression of love that survives the tests of time, just like some of the timeless classical music numbers! Every bride deserves to walk down the aisle with style, sophistication, and all the happiness that she ever wanted. And a string quartet music band can deliver just that and more by playing their repertoire of timeless classics! But are they versatile enough to cover all genres? Will they play contemporary musical numbers as well? Find answers to the above questions and more by reading our list of 5 top reasons on why you should book a string quartet music band for your wedding

Just for the love of classical numbers and performances!

The reason alone is enough to hire a string quartet music band – for the love of classical performances! Whether it’s the classic bridal chorus “Here comes the bride”, or a unique rendition of your favorite musical piece, the performers can play anything and everything to make you happy. Just the visual impact of the talented musicians sitting with their bowed musical instrument can add a unique charm to the whole wedding reception. 

Go crazy with your choice of songs:

A wedding is that one day when it is all about you! So, if your choice of musicians for weddings is string quartet performers, go crazy with the idea. Not many might be familiar, but these gifted and passionate musicians can play almost anything. From traditional numbers to contemporary pop, string musicians are as versatile as one can hope for in a live music band for a wedding! Musicians for weddings are used to playing music in a variety of weddings and corporate events. So, it is their job to experiment with diverse music styles – jazz, pop, tangos, classical and popular! So, make a well-thought-of playlist for the band after searching a bit online, asking from friends and family, and turn your reception into a grand stylish event to remember forever!

Let your wedding exude charm and style!

A wedding is a grand event that’s etched on the memory of friends and family for a long time to come. So, it better be charming and classy! What better to do so than hiring a band that is popular for performing live music for weddings? Who doesn’t get charmed by a group of top-class cello, viola and violin players? Traditional music never goes out of style, and that is why we love to see classy performances time and again. A DJ might play a group of recorded songs, but a live performer will bring his rendition of the song alive on the stage to suit your wedding theme. 

A live band is about the right timing!

A wedding ceremony is a long affair with a lot of crucial moments in between. A reputed live band is accustomed to tweaking their performance as per the response of the guests, event in the wedding like mealtime or drinks time to complement the overall theme of the wedding. Timing is the best asset that a string quartet music band can achieve and that is what they endeavor to do. Whether it is the moment when the bride enters or the much-loved father-daughter dance, the gifted musicians customize their performance accordingly and right on time! The music will never look like its fading out or cut off. And that is what makes such a performance even more beautiful!

The band does not require too much space:

Every string artist is happy and self-contained and requires just a chair to sit and compact equipment requirements. The setup can fit well into any venue – a garden party, a Church or a registry office. The team is quite mobile and can follow the guests to different locations easily enough while playing the background subtle music as per the event. With a live band of string quartet music players, you don’t require to plug in a PA system as just four armless chairs can do the trick! 

A wedding is a precious event that a family remembers forever! The cozy, classy and happy event creates memories that last a lifetime. So, if getting a posh and timeless wedding is your childhood dream, hiring a live music band is a great idea. Like everything else that is important for a wedding like a caterer, flower arrangement or the decor, the perfect music band will set the ambience for the guests to enjoy the lively event perfectly. 


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