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Know All About The Most Durable Tile Types When It Comes To Home Kitchen

Home Kitchen

When it comes to making extraordinary decisions for your home, floor tiling is one of them, without a shadow of a doubt. From kitchens to family rooms to even bathrooms – the list is endless regarding the use case scenarios of floor tiles.

Once you’re able to pick the correct tiles for your flooring needs, your home will look enchanting and well-finished, just as you wanted it to be. But, most homeowners tend to get confused regarding the type of tiles they should be using for their project. This is the reason why this article guide is here to clear all your second thoughts and help you make a sturdy decision on which type of tiles would be the best for you, in terms of durability.

The Most Durable Tiles To Use Inside Your Home Kitchen

1. Tiles Having Stone-Like Effect

It shouldn’t come as a surprise when you’ll see stone effect tiles are still popular to this day. These tiles are generally considered to be ageless in terms of their structure along with a significant number of options to browse beside you as well.

Some examples include travertine, marble, limestone, quartz, slate and the like. You can easily bring out the magnificence inside your kitchen with these stylish products.

2. Tiles Having Slate-Like Effect

While not everyone might be a fan of stone-like textures or effects on their tiles, slate effect tiles would be a perfect match for the same. These slate-effect tiles don’t present any rich veins in them and the effect is inconspicuous with a slight change in the shade between the different variants.

In case you’re planning to opt for splashback tiles in NZ services provided by, the best option would be to go for the ones producing a slate-like effect.

3. Tiles Having Marble-Like Effect

If you want to obtain the looks and aesthetics of marble without planning to spend a fortune, then these types of tiles would be the best pick for your needs. These tiles can be used at the point of convergence between your kitchen and the other rooms in your home.

They are much more affordable than regular marble and will be a great choice for most conventional homes.

4. Tiles Having Sandstone-Like Effect

These types of tiles are similar to stone effect tiles but different in terms of the patterns and textures. Such a style has been a mainstream choice for the past couple of decades and will remain mainstream for the upcoming years to come as well.

You can use these tiles as a way to accentuate your main kitchen tiles, without overwhelming the overall style of the entire kitchen in any manner.

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