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Future of digital marketing in India 2020.

India, a densely populated country with a population of 1,339,180,127 (as of July 2017) ranks second in the world. There are ample opportunities that are created every minute for the people. And when we say digital marketing, then note that the future of digital marketing in India and the scope of digital marketing in the future is going to get brighter in the coming years. A mobile phone has become a basic need for everyone.

Even if your mother wants to try out a new recipe, she definitely uses YouTube to take the jot down what is needed and how it is to be done. And when it comes down to the business, no doubt the trend of digital marketing is on the boom.
Everyone wants to market their products and services through the internet to increase the reach. Compared to traditional marketing these are some key benefits that make this marketing strategy more effective and affordable.
According to a survey (by Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI)), India will have around 500 million internet users by June 2018. This will create a fascinating business opportunity to sell services and products to a growing population of tech-savvy internet users.

Let’s list down the top 10 reasons as to why the future of digital marketing is going to be bright in India.

Drastic changes in traditional marketing

The previous traditional set of marketing was limited to door to door and mouth publicity. Previously the marketers were using physical manpower to promote their products. But now with the changing times, people want everything at their fingertips.

And fulfilling the needs of the customers is the highest priority of every business. So the trend of digital marketing took off a few years back. Now that even the smallest thing can be found on the internet. People and the marketers are really going gaga over this digital marketing trend.
How was the marketing for real estate earlier? It was mostly through print media or banners. But now, all the real estate giants are preferring the digital platform to market their blissful homes to their customers. Making the content engaging is now their mantra to succeed.

Future of Digital Marketing in India

Reports stated that the rising percentage of Digital Marketing Industry in India is at 33.5 and this 2020 it is expected that it will exceed the mark of 225 Billion.
The global data also stated that India is one of the largest and the fastest-growing digital market where the scope of the digital marketers will continue to increase. The digital industry in India is set to produce more than 20 lakhs of the job by the end of the year 2020.

1. A major transformation in traditional marketing

The set of marketing earlier on was limited to the only door to door as well as mouth advertisement and publicity. The marketers earlier used the physical manpower for the promotion of their products. People now wish to have everything at their fingertips with the recent changes in time.

For every business, meeting the needs of the customers would be of great priority. It was only a few years back where the trend of digital marketing usually took off. Even a minute of things is now available on the Internet. Over this digital marketing trend, people, as well as the marketers, are going gaga.

2. Digital is the new Vocation

Digital marketing is now being preferred by everyone over everything else. Through digital marketing, even the startups are launching their new business. The process has made businesses quite an easy platform. Forgoing physically into the market for the promotion of their product, the company need not have to deploy any set of manpower.

A huge range of economical, powerful as well as contemporary mechanisms and the mediums of marketing are offered. For the option of digital marketing, every type of product and service is now being opted. The reason behind it is that they know that it is the proven platform here. The digital platform is now being homed by the tech giants to that of the hoteliers.

The business owners are trying to engage in the audience through several facts along with the promotion of their product. They are usually posting some engaging content on social media sites that are a lot more engaging in the interest of the viewers. This type of trick is usually working at the best for the marketers.

3. Digital India” initiative by government backs up

The government of India has also launched the Digital India program with the vision of transforming India into a digitally empowered society along with the knowledge of the economy for transforming the complete ecosystem of the public services through the use of Information Technology.

Not only in the metro cities, but the small towns also witnesses the opportunity here. Application for the employment programs has come up with the government and everything is becoming digital nowadays. You are at the correct place if you looking for a digital marketing career in India. You need to stop debating over the choices and understand the benefits that come along with this.

4. Reaching global markets

future of Digital Marketing

You are simply being global when you are becoming digital. This is a true fact. One can reach out to the potential audience from every corner of the world through digital platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Insta and others. To be able to connect with almost everyone nowadays, the reach of the social platforms are simply huge.

There are several people who are out there running the business and whose target audience is in the USA. With the help of social media, everything is now possible. For planning out the social media campaigns, the USA people usually prefer digital marketing company in India for planning out the social media campaigns,

There are several things that are happening in the digital marketing space of India and people usually are speaking about it searching for the same.

5. Institutions opening up with digital marketing courses

There are several institutions that are now introducing the degree courses in digital marketing having a practical approach. They are both residential and online when it comes to academic courses.
There are many digital marketing agencies that have their own academy where they ought to teach digital marketing to their students. There should be a proper supply of the rising demand.

6. Digital equipped smaller towns

In this digital economy, the metros are known to be an active part. With the increase in the scope of digital marketing, the towns, as well as the cities, are getting connected hugely over the digital mediums.
In the smaller cities, while they are reaching out to their global audience through social media, there are several startups that are being launched in smaller cities.

7. Affordable


Digital marketing is one of the most affordable media for the promotion of their product when compared to other marketing platforms. The days to the earlier ad printing in the newspaper is now gone when one is spending thousands and lakhs. It has also become quite easy with that of the digital media. You can well promote your new project on social media by reaching out to thousands of people all at a single point of time if you are a part of a real estate company.

There are several industries as well as the new start-ups that are hugely investing in digital marketing activities. They are usually looking out for people who are able to devise as well as implement the digital marketing strategies for meeting their needs.

8. High rates of engagement

The engagement rate needs to be high since people are using social media for everything. For updating themselves and to get entertained, people usually are in need of content. This is the reason why digital marketers need to generate content that usually engages the audience hence responsibility lies on their shoulders.

By posting some creative content on the social media pages, the online food delivery services always keep their audience engaged. They make it too creative that one would not scroll it down without hitting the button since their page is all about food.

9. High numbers of netizens

According to the reports it has been noted that in 2015 the number of people who used the Internet was 259 million which rose to 331 million in 2017. In 2022 it is noteworthy to guess that the users are simply going to double themselves. People would be hugely dependent on the Internet in the upcoming years the way this country is growing.

10. Increased digital classifieds market revenue

It has also been researched that the revenue that is generated through the digital classified needs to be five times more than what it was in 2015. The highest revenue is predicted to be around INR 23 billion in the financial year of 2020.

In the platform of digital marketing, every revenue is going to be doubled by 2020. For placing yourself in the driving seat, the Indian business needs to be of well-worse with digital marketing as this is going to represent the nation across the global marketplace.

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