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Does your product packaging pass the five-year-old test?

product boxes

Custom packaging is a great marketing tool, so it’s essential to choose the product package wisely. Focus on creating iconic and high-quality packaging and design that can grab the attention of customers. Now it’s easy to get your desired packaging at home because leading online packaging stores to offer custom design and printing services as well. Check out the fantastic product boxes design at Go Custom Boxes. They carry a massive range of custom product boxes designed by their creative designers. You can create your favorite design just by asking them. They also provide custom designing and printing services and delivers all over the UK. So you can get quality packaging at your doorstep. Check out their wholesale to enjoy the best rates.

Product packaging is the most common and necessary thing to deliver the best customer experience. While choosing the packaging then considers the best which described the product appropriately, it feels pleasant to the eyes, and customers decide to purchase the product. Product package design is the first impression of the brand on its customers and one of the ultimate tools of marketing. When it comes to having a look at a product packing image on the customer’s mind, then the most common technique is used, which is a five-year-old test of the product package. If a five-year-old can pick up your product out of many, then it’s ultimate that packaging design is unique enough to be focused on different brands due to its description, design, logo, and color combinations.

 The custom product packaging should be designed and selected as per the following criteria, which make it unique and distinguished among different brands.

Described the product 

Product boxes should be designed as per the correct product image and have the eye-catching characteristics so that it will be appealing to the customers. The proper logo design should be printed on the packing, which depicts the brand entirely. For the food product, an appropriate list of ingredients and directions should be printed on the package. For the clothing product, safety, and washing, measures should be entirely mentioned on the packaging.

Sophisticated Packaging design 

A potential buyer of the product accepts and wants the clam, simple and elegant package design, which shows the exact product image and delivers the product’s complete information to its end customers. While choosing custom packing, chooses it wisely and make your product sophisticated and straightforward for the customers to purchase it.

Product packaging should be unique 

Custom packaging is not like to follow the other brand’s race and choose the matching design for the packing. A unique and the element of distinguished in the packing influence the customers and make your brand recognizable among the other brands. While choosing the product boxes must choose the design which communicates with the customers accurately and gets their attention towards your brand between many of others.

Emotional engagement with the brand through packaging

When it comes to getting the attention of your customers towards your product or brand, then there is nothing other than a package can do. When the consumers look at your product on the shelves, and they can’t resist staying and having a look at the product ultimately. Unique design, attractive color combinations, stylish logo, and a product description through visual interaction is the only thing which makes your customers attracted towards the product, and it makes them buy it. A product box is an essential tool for the marketing of the product directly to its end users. Environment-friendly and reusable packaging techniques are standard among us due to their hygienic and reusable properties and become the customer’s priority choice.

Pass the five-year-old test 

When it comes to pass the five-year-old test means that your brand should be depicted and portrait to the five-year-old completely. They are engaged with the product because of its packaging color, logo, product description, and the message the band communicated to the customers. To evaluate whether your brand passes the five-year-old test, just put your product on the shelves of the stores and find it out how the customers find the product over and over again. If a five-year-old can be distinguished and pick up your product out of different brands and products on the shelves, then it means your product packaging is sticky enough to catch customer’s eyes easily out of many. Like, ask the five-year-old to have a big blue pack of cookies with the black and white cookie splash in milk, then find it out he will bring you a package of Oreo.

Chose the iconic product packaging 

Custom product package should be iconic and cover all the necessary aspects like iconic design, images, and shapes, with an attractive color scheme which depict the brand and describe your product completely. Product packs or packing boxes should generate the actual image of the brand in the customer’s mind and build communication with the end consumer of the product.

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