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A definitive checklist to pick the best credit card in India

Over the last few decades, owning a credit card has become a necessity of life, especially in urban cities. It empowers you to possess a lifestyle of your own choice.

Looking up to the needs of the credit card companies have come up with the cards that provide some amazing benefits that are hard to resist. Day by day, they are making it more convenient and accessible for people.

Although finding the best credit card that matches entirely with all your needs is difficult.

Users need to choose that one among the plethora of available options. Therefore, here is a list of the best credit card that will help you find the one among the gazillion options:

Things to consider before choosing the best credit card

Check credit score

The credit score is the first and foremost thing to consider before applying for a credit card. The better the score will be, the better benefits you will be able to enjoy.

If the scores are not up to the mark, you can always take the necessary measures to improve it.  Initially, when you will get a new credit card, your credit score will fall down by a few points.

Though it’s not a problem for the people with a good credit score. But people with a low credit score will have to suffer from a temporary decrease.

There are some credit cards that are specially designed to help customers improve their credit scores. You can go to them also.

Scrutinize your spending habits

If you have a plan to pay off all the bills on time, then you would need a credit card that offers rewards on paying all the bills before the due date. The spending category might include the following:

  1. Travel purchases, such as airline tickets, hotel bookings or paying gas bills
  2. Business spending
  3. Purchasing monthly groceries
  4. Dining in partner restaurants

Some cards give rewards to these categories on rotation. While others keep it fixed throughout the year.

Check if rewards and benefits are worthy

There are credit cards designed to suit people with different spending habits. You can find different credit cards available with different types of reward schemes customized for lifestyle management, frequent flyers, online shoppers, millennials etc. It’s not a good idea to go for a card is not adding value to your life.

Ask a few questions from yourself

First, ask yourself a few questions before getting a credit card.

What’s the purpose?

What are your spending habits?

How would you manage the card? etc.

If you are already carrying some debt on your shoulders, then go for a credit card that charges less interest.

Apply for the one with the highest value

You will come across a lot of cards but it’s high time to break the tie and choose the one final winner.

You need to look for closer differences and choose the one that will be suitable for you in the long run.

Take close measurement of complications, loyalty tiers, worthy rewards, and risk. After considering all that you will have a clear picture of the credit card.

Consider the annual fee

For some people paying the annual fee is fine but for others, it might be too much.

Therefore, while comparing offers on the card, the customers must determine properly whether paying the annual fee is justifiable with the interest rates and the rewards offered by the card or not.

If the number of perks is more than the amount that the cardholder has to pay while taking a card, then it’s worth it.

Otherwise, if the amount of annual fee is more than the overall rewards and benefits, then it’s better to switch off and search for more information.

Quantifying requirements

Sometimes the card we love occupies so much space in our mind that it becomes hard to surpass it with another card.

Choosing the card, you love will not help you so much in the future if it does not qualify based on the credit score of a person.

Most of the credit cardholders are unable to quantify their minimum requirements.

On the other hand, the credit card suppliers make it clear that the offer of the card is biased with the people who have a stellar credit score.

Therefore, after going thoroughly with all the points you will be able to choose the best credit card for you.

In case your drawbacks are not letting you choose your favourite card, keep in mind that you do not always have to stick to one card forever.

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