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7 Best Baby Development Apps


One way or another, our children use gadgets. Whether we like it or not. Of course, a mobile device will not replace a friend, parent or a good book. But sometimes the nanny can even replace it! Especially if the conscious parent has downloaded a beautiful, developing application on his iPhone. And there are more and more of them like the coloring app on the market today. Based on the experience of a young mother, here are collected the twenty best children’s applications for the education and development of a child from 1 year to 6 years.


Superbly drawn, animated and voiced alphabet in which a short cartoon or game is hidden behind each letter. From communication with this application, you get great aesthetic pleasure. Here you can try on a gentleman a variety of mustaches, pick up skirts for a baby, paint a giraffe with spots, slap harmful dust with a slipper, score a goal, cut persimmons and much more. There is a link to download a large poster with illustrations for each letter.

Bubble abc

The alphabet as modern art. There is a version in Russian. Audio-visual application with training elements. One of four Bubl art applications for young children and their parents. According to the developers, the alphabet is a song composed of letters. In this case, it is much more. However, it is better to see once than to hear.

Sago Mini Pet Cafe

Another application from the cycle for the smallest from the developer Sago Sago. Simple and cute animation, not overloaded with details. Together with three heroes: a brown doggie, a pink bird and an orange kitten, the baby will end up in a cafe. Here you can prepare a multi-colored puff cocktail yourself and drink it with your friends, count to ten, arranging cakes on a tray and learn to distinguish the shapes of objects, sorting cherries and cupcakes. By the way, all applications from the Sago Mini-series are of excellent quality and are worth it to appear in front of your baby.

Talking alphabet

Funny plasticine alphabet. 30 funny characters in which letters turn when clicked. A shark doing a somersault, a hippopotamus blowing blue bubbles from a nose, a lion bragging about its muscles, and other animals are so charming that they simply cannot get bored. It is possible to write down your text and put it in the mouth of one of the heroes. Each of them speaks in a funny cartoon voice. You can scroll through the letters one by one or see the clip in auto mode. There is a cute plasticine test to check the material passed and a puzzle.

ABC House

The English-language application from the voluminous ABC series (food, actions, bugs, etc.) Introduces the child with the English names of household items arranged in alphabetical order and equipped with colorful full-screen photographs and voice acting. There are no subtitles in Russian. The application primarily teaches new words than letters. Among the additional features: watching thematic videos, chips such as “wash the mirror”, “wrap a burrito in foil” and a test on the words passed.

Endless alpha

An animated masterpiece from a developer called Pixar in the world of mobile applications. Teaches you to recognize the spelling and sound of English letters. The impeccable quality of graphics, animation and voice acting enthralls both toddlers from a year and adult children and their parents. Each letter corresponds to a few words far from the most ordinary. A – Alarm, B – Belch, Bellow; C – Contagious, Contraption and so on. As you progress through the alphabet, new words are added to the letters. For good reason, the application is called “endless.” Each word needs to be collected from the scattered letters, and then, after listening to its interpretation in English, to enjoy the cartoon that visualizes it.

Toca band

A music application from a brilliant child developer. Simple and ingenious, even the smallest like it. With this application, a child can assemble his own orchestra of funny cartoon musicians. No matter how you compose the orchestra musicians, the melody will turn out rhythmic and pleasant. One of the best apps from Toca Boca.


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